Dairy lab assistent

An eye for quality

Working in a dairy lab requires a whole host of skills, but most of all responsibility and the ability to concentrate. This is because the careful testing of ingredients ensures a safe and high quality final product.

Dairy lab assistants analyze the quality of products at all processing stages: from the untreated milk to the final product. They sample products, prepare test series and analyze ingredients with chemical, physical, microbiological and sensory methods. The documentation of results is also one of their tasks. This means that lab assistants are an important part of the quality assurance scheme in a company.

Understanding for natural sciences and technology

Dairy lab assistants employ sophisticated analysis instruments. They need technical understanding and a penchant for natural sciences. The vocational training focuses on chemistry, physics and microbiology. Other subjects are food law, environmental protection and economics.

Team workers with positive prospects

All tests and analyses are conducted hand in hand: notnot only in the lab but also in close cooperation with colleagues from production and product development. Applicants should enjoy working in a team and be interested in production processes.   

The vocational training of a dairy lab assistant is comprehensive and multi-facetted. The job is diversified and responsible - even beyond the food industry. After completion of their training, dairy lab assistants can also work in the chemicals industry or in research laboratories.


What are the requirements?

Secondary school qualification or high school graduation (Abitur) with good grades in natural sciences (maths, biology and chemistry). Suitable applicants are selected after the conclusion of personal interviews.

What do we expect?

  • interest in natural sciences
  • interest in food
  • flexibility and commitment
  • accuracy
  • ability to work in a team
  • reliability

Vocational training overview

The vocational training takes place within the scope of a dual system; this means in the company and the vocational school. The practical training takes place in the individual sectors of the laboratory; the educational training takes place as block lessons in the “Milchwirtschaftliche Lehr- und Untersuchungsanstalt” in Oldenburg or Oranienburg. During this time the apprentices live in a boarding school. The costs for accommodation, catering and home travel at weekends are the responsibility of the company.

How long does the vocational training take?

3 years

The following two exams are required by the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture and/or the examination board of the Land of Brandenburg:

  • midterm exam (theory and practice) in the second year of the vocational training
  • final exam (theory and practice) at the end of the vocational training period

Where is my vocational school?

Vocational school address for apprentices in Uelzen and Warmsen:

Milchwirtschaftliche Lehr- und Untersuchungsanstalt
Ammerländer Heerstraße 115–117
26129 Oldenburg

Vocational school address for apprentices in Bismark:

Oberstufenzentrum Oranienburg
Germendorfer Allee 17
16515 Oranienburg

Supplemental inter-company training:

Milchwirtschaftliche Lehr- und Untersuchungsanstalt Oranienburg e. V.
Sachsenhausener Straße 7b
16515 Oranienburg

What opportunities are available for training and further education?

After training, the dairy lab assistants can work in dairy control laboratories or corresponding fields of food production. There are also several opportunities for further qualification, for example:

dairy lab supervisor

dairy technician

food technologist (university education)