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The starting point for entrepreneurial success is good management. This applies to production, procurement, sales, human resources - and also to sustainability. This is why the Uelzena Group has integrated its sustainability objectives including key figures and the target achievement system into its corporate strategy. Process and results are published annually.

People in agriculture have always had a strong interest in preserving the land and the farms in order to preserve them so the next generation can earn their livelihoods from agriculture. The Uelzena Group has adopted this long-term policy because of the agricultural roots of the company. It goes without saying that sustainability and the resulting impact on the company's core business are not a marginal issue. Economical, ecological and social aspects of sustainability management have become part of the corporate strategy of the Uelzena Group.

In addition our important customers are expressing the growing significance of certain sustainability topics and key performance indicators for their business. Since 2012, the Uelzena Group has been committed to systematic sustainability management and transparent reporting of results.

Management by scorecard

With the strategic scorecard we systematically pool all strategic aims in one tool. For each relevant aspect, the Uelzena Group is defining - for the next four years - measurable targets, developing suitable measures and controlling the results based on key figures, the so called key performance indicators (KPIs). On this basis, the effectiveness of management approaches can be reviewed and adjusted if necessary.

This serves for improving the performance of the Uelzena Group year after year or keeping it at the existing level as a minimum. Since business year 2016, independent chartered accountants have been auditing the measurable results of the internal corporate strategy and their compliance with the “International Standard on Assurance Engagement ISAE 3000”. See also Audit letter.

One central organ for the monitoring and control of the activities is the Working Group Sustainability. Managers from different divisions of the company are participants of this working group. Within the course of regular meetings, all central issues are discussed. The working group drafts recommendations and decision documents for the management board and for the advisory board, dependent on the subject.


Management objective: annual reporting

In an integrated annual and sustainability report, the Uelzena Group gives information about the progress made on an annual basis. The report for the year 2017 will for the first time only be published in an online format and in accordance with the “GRI Standards”, the new guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) on corporate sustainability reporting. From 2018 on, G4 has to be mandatorily replaced by GRI. One of the most essential differences between G4 and GRI Standards is the new code system. More information is available here: GRI Standards

Prospects: Combination of quality and sustainability

For us as a food producer, consistent quality management (QM) is a special responsibility. Our internal QM Manual will be reviewed in 2018 because the Uelzena Group will be changing to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. We will also include sustainability aspects in the manual as a basis for our actions because in terms of strategic context and interested target groups (stakeholders) there are already certain concurrences between GRI and ISO 9001:2015.


Managing Director Marketing and Sales
Uelzena eG
Sustainability officer & head of the working group


Managing Director Finance & Human Resources
Uelzena eG


Managing Director Production & Technology
H. Schoppe & Schultz GmbH & Co. KG
Managing Director
Altmark-Käserei Uelzena GmbH


Managing Director Administration, Production and Technology
WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH


Head of Controlling
Uelzena eG 

Managing Director Production & Technology
Uelzena eG
Deputy sustainability officer


Head of Human Resources
Uelzena eG


Manager Central Purchasing
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Manager Milk Management
Uelzena eG


PR Manager
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