Academic education and vocational training

The perfect double

Combining a study in economics with vocational training as a business management assistant offers decisive advantages: The academic knowledge can immediately be applied in the company, the company pays an apprenticeship allowance and after three years, the apprentice has earned two degrees.

A dual course of study at Uelzena is the ideal combination of theory and practice. During their time in the company, the students familiarize themselves with all equally important departments ranging from finance and controlling to human resources and marketing to production planning, procurement and sales. This is a broad range from where the students can later choose the area they want to focus on that ideally suits their strengths and interests.

Close interlock between theory and practice

Parallel to the training in the company, the students attend the Berufsakademie Lueneburg on two days of the week. In lectures and seminars they acquire the academic background knowledge.

Due to the close interlock between both areas, the students can combine theory and practice right from the beginning. They learn how to solve problems in a business-driven way. This makes them sought-after professionals once they have completed their training and education.

Two degrees and lots of experience

After two years, the students take their first exam at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. After passing they acquire their first regular degree as an industrial management assistant. In their third year, the students decide on a key area which is also the topic of their final thesis. At this point they are not just industrial management assistants as they are about to earn their bachelor degree. With the dual qualification and the close connection to the company, they have a good chance of employment within the company.

The advantages at a glance:

  • short study period
  • two state-approved degrees
  • close interlock with the company
  • comprehensive practical experience during study
  • good employment prospects.


How to apply

We need:

  • a letter stating your interests and expectations
  • curriculum vitae
  • the last two high school certificates.

After reviewing the documents, we will invite you for a recruitment test that focuses on general knowledge as well as linguistic and mathematical understanding. The next step would be an invitation to a job interview.

Overview of the study course

The study course takes place in the company and at the Berufsakademie Lueneburg. The students attend the college twice a week and work in the company three days a week.

The training in the company takes place in the finance and accounting, economics and controlling, marketing, human resources, procurement, production planning and sales departments. 

Berufsakademie address:

Verwaltungs- und Wirtschaftsakademie Lüneburg e. V.
Wichernstraße 34
21335 Lüneburg
Tel. +49 4131 34696

How long does the study course take?

3 years        

During this time, two final exams are taken:

  • after two years, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce exam to become an industrial management assistant
  • after three years, the bachelor exam for business administration at the Berufsakademie.

The latter exam involves the writing of an academic thesis.

What are the requirements?

High school graduation (Abitur) or advanced technical college certificate (Fachhochschulreife)

What do we expect?

  • large degree of self-motivation
  • commitment and single-mindedness
  • endurance
  • open-minded and communicative personality

What opportunities are available for training and further education?

Many trainees are offered employment in the company after their exams. They can qualify via their thesis in their third year of training for employment in their desired field.

After the exam, there are several career opportunities within the company; for example as an expert in a special field or possibly later as an executive manager. There is also the opportunity of a further academic qualification as a Master of Business Administration for example.