Safe products

Quality assurance at its best

The Uelzena Group offers its customers a consistently high product quality. This is made possible by systematic monitoring of the entire production chain from the sourcing of raw materials to the end product.

Risk-based quality control plans with defined sampling schedules and tests are in place for all raw materials, intermediate and finished products. These plans ensure that the defined microbiological, chemical-physical and sensory product properties as well as Uelzena’s quality parameters are complied with.

Certified high-end laboratories

Our laboratories are well equipped for fulfilling these tasks. The chemical-physical laboratory offers special analytical methods for particle size measurement as well as analytical methods using gas chromatography, NIR and NMR. We also carry out the classic reference methods for fat, protein, dry matter, ash and sugar determinations in-house.

We have our own risk class 2 laboratory for the testing of pathogenic microorganisms and a bacteriological laboratory for general microbiology. The monitoring of drinking water, air, cleaning, and personal hygiene is a further component of our personal responsibility for self-monitoring. 

Our microbiology labs in Uelzen are frequently audited according to the requirements of ISO 17025 for certified laboratories. On a regular basis, all laboratories participate in interlaboratory comparison tests in order to have their mode of operation monitored. At a technical level, we collaborate with laboratories of large food companies and providers of interlaboratory comparisons.


Focusing on allergens

All products manufactured in the Uelzena Group are labelled based on Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers. Before new raw materials can be used, information on allergens based on the above-mentioned regulation must be available. This is the only way to plan and implements safe production processes and effective cleaning schedules. In order to prevent unwanted cross-contamination, we work according to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and have installed an allergen management system. The effective functioning of the system is checked by frequent allergen validations.

Computer-assisted maintenance management

Perfectly functioning systems are important for the production of high-quality products. We have an IT-supported continuous maintenance management system in place that ensures regular and preventive maintenance. Our hygiene guidelines for internal employees and external contractors define the way maintenance and repair work is conducted in our production areas. Further food safety measures are defined individually in order to avoid any risk.

Only food grade lubricants are used for all possible food contact areas and the compressed air is water- and oil-free. All technical materials used in the company, which could come into contact with the product are suitable for the purpose and of food-grade quality. Corresponding certificates and material safety data sheets are available. Our technical staff and external contractors are aware of and familiar with the use of food grade materials.

No foreign body should be present in our products

Within the scope of HACCP analyses, the hazards from foreign matter (e.g. metal, wood, glass, plastic) are also considered and subjected to a risk assessment. Resulting measures such as the use of sieves, detectors or magnets have been implemented. Bringing personal belongings into the production area is not permitted. Furthermore, only metal detectable ballpoint pens issued by the Uelzena Group are to be used. The use of glass or hard plastic is also not permitted in the production area. Objects where the use (e.g. inspection glasses) cannot be avoided are recorded in a glass register and are checked regularly. Wherever possible, unbreakable materials are used.

Our hygiene zone concept

A high standard of hygiene is indispensable for the production of high-quality food. This is why Uelzena has established hygiene rules that apply to all employees, external contractors and visitors. Apart from the hygiene rules, there is also a risk-based zoning system that must be followed by all persons entering the production area. Our employees are continuously trained on personal and plant hygiene measures and those measures regarding the Infection Control Act. External contractors are also trained to all necessary measures.

Regular and targeted pest control

A pest control system has been established at all Uelzena Group sites in cooperation with an external service provider. This includes the installation of gauze windows, pheromone traps, UV light traps and rodent traps. We do not use poison baits. For all measures, the respective documentation and regular evaluations are available.

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