Corporate strategy

Sustainably innovative - by tradition

Nobody knows what the future holds. However, it can be influenced: with goals, visions and concrete plans. We at Uelzena know our goals and what our company should look like in the future. 

Our goal: The Uelzena Group should be among the industry’s best. However, there is no end to the road ahead. This is because the industry is constantly improving. Therefore, energy is needed to keep on moving forwards. Our power originates in the Cooperative of the Uelzena eG: Our Group of Companies has a commitment to the members of the Cooperative which are the main suppliers of our most important raw material: milk. Instead of striving for the highest possible annual profit, we guarantee to our members that we will buy their milk at a competitive price. In doing so we are securing the livelihoods of the farmers.

First and foremost, this has generated a long-term mutual interest and with that the responsibility to change and innovate. In this cooperative spirit, Uelzena has achieved excellent development over the past decades. New members and new sites have joined the company. We have expanded our skills and range of products as well as building up and strengthening the required expertise.

Differentiated product range, highest possible quality standards

This successful development has not happened by chance. It is the product of our long-term strategy. We are convinced that the surpluses we generate are best invested into the future; invested into innovations, improvements and upgrades. This will allow us to always produce a strategically differentiated product range with the highest possible quality standards at competitive costs. This strategy also includes the set-up of structures and processes that make tailor-made and individualized solutions possible for our customers from the food industry. 

We are a Group of Companies with agricultural roots; therefore our work has always been governed by the economical use of natural resources. With our growth over the last few years, this goal has been expanded in more detail and included in our company’s strategy.  We have to decouple our economic performance from the impact on natural resources. Moreover, we are living up to the challenges that go along with sustainable sourcing of raw materials.

Five central fields of actions

The way that we at the Uelzena Group define our social responsibility as a whole has been laid down in five central fields of actions including the most important objectives (see table below). Together, they constitute a compass that will guide us towards successful, comprehensible and lasting sustainable development.

We will continue to move along this path. This is because we need a healthy growth path that enables us to generate excellent business results and to reliably meet our cooperative mission. Only by doing this can we ensure that we will permanently be amongst the best within our industry. 



A reliable and successful development of the company

On behalf of our stakeholders, we are pursuing a long-term successful development of the company. The principle of sustainability and the balancing of various objectives play a decisive role in achieving this: a competitive milk price and guaranteed sales for our members, permanently good corporate results and the long-term existence as an independent group of companies.


  • A competitive milk price and reliable sales volumes for our members
  • Achieving permanently good corporate results
  • Long-term existence as an independent group of companies

Our employees

The success of the Uelzena Group is dependent to a large extent on its employees. Their expertise, their experience and their commitment are indispensable to the company. It is our goal to keep qualified employees in the company for as long as possible. We pay attention to social and fair work conditions. This is true not only for our own employees but also for the people working at our suppliers. Altogether, the Uelzena Group is constantly developing its qualities as an attractive employer.


  • Increase the attractiveness of being an employer
  • Keeping long-term jobs for qualified employees
  • Development and support of employees 

Successful products now and in the future

The most important customers of the Uelzena Group are industrial customers. Our strength lies in the targeted, safe and high quality implementation of individual customer requests. In addition, we have expanded our service and product ranges with non-dairy products. This shall enable the company to become more independent of the traditional dairy markets. We are also integrating ecological and social aspects. 


  • Profitable growth in strategic business units
  • Ensuring the production of safe and high quality products on a long-term basis
  • Further development of sustainable sourcing of raw materials and materials

Efficient production

We produce safe and innovative high quality products with processes that save on resources and are as energy-efficient as possible and always according to the latest state-of-the-art technology. This is what we demand of ourselves. The Uelzena Group meets this demand by constantly modernizing its production plants and processes. This is why we are able to cooperate successfully with demanding customers who operate on a multi-national stage and whose audit requirements are often beyond common standards.


  • Reduction in emissions per ton of goods produced
  • Reduction in resource consumption per ton of goods produced
  • Improved production productivity

Social and regional responsibility

The Uelzena Group is a cooperative with regional roots. It is committed in particular to its sites and the milk producing regions of its members. By sourcing milk raw materials from our members we ensure their income is secure and we are also strengthening the economic power in rural regions. This approach complies with the statutory aims of our cooperative.


  • Preferring regional suppliers and service providers, if possible
  • Encouraging the future development of young people within our regions
  • Encouraging our employees to be involved as volunteers