Corporate strategy

Clarity in ways and goals

The Uelzena Group is essentially a cooperative (eG), supported by dairy farms as well as milk collection cooperatives and their milk producers. Therefore, the focus is not on maximizing the profit of the eG, but on the milk payout required to keep the milk-producing farms viable. By tradition, this has been the focus of our business strategy. 

What may sound a bit unusual or old-fashioned for corporations has been the way of life at Uelzena for decades – with success: The company has been able to grow at a healthy speed, despite sometimes very difficult industry and market challenges. The basis for this has been and still is, the way that we deal with environmental analyses, goals and measures on a regular basis. The bottom line:

  • Our drivers: We create values for our most important stakeholder groups. This involves staying in constant contact with the groups and balancing the various expectations in our corporate strategy.
  • Our goal: The Uelzena Group with its products and services aims to be amongst the best in the industry. However, there is never an end to the journey, because the industry is always improving all the time. Therefore, the right amounts of energy are needed to keep on moving forwards.

Five central fields of action

Since 2014, the way that we as a Group consider our responsibility to the various stakeholder groups has been laid down in our five action fields. The most important objectives have been defined and documented for this purpose (see table below). Together, they constitute a compass that will guide us towards successful, comprehensible and lasting sustainable development.


Reliable and successful development of the business

On behalf of our stakeholders, we are pursuing the long-term successful development of the company. Keeping a balance between the various stakeholder interests and the principle of sustainability plays a central role here. Above all, there are the milk producers, who expect the milk payout to be as high as possible. Employees want a secure job and collectively agreed salary increases.  However, the equity ratio and planning for expansion investments also require a solid annual net profit. In turn, we have to generate the necessary value from our customers via sales.


  • A competitive milk price and reliable sales volumes for our members
  • Achieving good corporate results consistently
  • Long-term existence as an independent group of companies

Qualified and responsibly working staff

The success of the Uelzena Group is dependent to a large extent on its employees. Their expertise, their experience and their commitment are indispensable to the company. It is our goal to keep qualified employees in the company for as long as possible. We therefore pay particular attention to social and fair working conditions. This is true not only for our own employees but also for the appointment of suppliers. Altogether, the Uelzena Group is constantly developing and expanding its qualities as an attractive employer.


  • Increase the attractiveness of being an employer
  • Keeping long-term jobs for qualified employees
  • Development and support of employees

Successful products in the long run

Our strength lies in the targeted, safe and high quality implementation of individual customer requests. The continuous improvement of our existing procedures and processes ensures the already established high level of quality in the long term and helps the Uelzena Group to continually develop further. In addition, we will further improve the benefits for our customers by expanding the sustainable procurement of raw materials and materials. We want to achieve profitable growth on the basis of high customer benefits and high customer satisfaction.


  • Ensuring the production of safe and high quality products on a long-term basis
  • Further development of sustainable sourcing of raw materials and materials
  • Profitable growth in strategic business fields

Efficient production

We produce safe and innovative high quality products with processes that save on resources and are as energy-efficient as possible and always according to the latest state-of-the-art technology. This is what we demand of ourselves. The Uelzena Group meets this demand by constantly modernizing its production plants and processes. This is why we are able to cooperate successfully with demanding customers who operate on a multi-national stage and whose audit requirements are often beyond common standards.


  • Reduction in emissions per ton of goods produced
  • Reduction in resource consumption per ton of goods produced
  • Improved production productivity

Social and regional responsibility

The Uelzena Group is a cooperative with regional roots. It is committed in particular to its sites and the milk producing regions of its members. We therefore prefer to use regional suppliers and service providers and support young people and volunteer work. In doing so, we will strengthen our regions and fulfil the statutory purpose of our cooperative. Compliance with the relevant laws and regulations is a matter of course for us and is also expected from all business partners.


  • Preferring regional suppliers and service providers, if possible
  • Encouraging the future development of young people on our sites
  • Supporting our employees in getting involved in voluntary work