Food industry

Four business fields characterize our company

Since 2004, the Uelzena Group has strictly followed a market strategy that places the focus on the customer and his individual requirements. We have aligned our business fields accordingly while being driven by one objective: We are not striving to be one of the largest businesses in our industry but rather one of the best.

Ingredients and contract manufacturing

Over the last few years, the Uelzena Group has mainly been focusing its business development efforts on the ingredients division. Besides the sites in Uelzen and Warmsen, together with some partners, a milk drying plant was built and put into operation in Neumuenster in 2014. As a dairy specialist we can now also offer a broad range of high quality ingredients for the confectionery, baking and delicatessen industries. Moreover, we also contract manufacture tailor-made dry products, butter and butterfat from raw materials supplied by our customers.

Dairy products

With its subsidiary Hoche Butter, the Uelzena Group is a leading supplier of butter and butterfat for the professional bakery trade. Hoche also provides butterfat for traditional frying, baking and cooking processes in the household and is a leading supplier in this field, while the Altmark cheese dairy in Bismark produces cheeses for wholesalers.

Instant beverages

In the segment of instant beverages, the Uelzena Group has developed into a leading supplier of private label brands for special retail products and for the vending and catering industries. The Group supplies almost all renowned brand suppliers in this field. Furthermore, the Uelzena Group offers its own product ranges for professional customers under its brands Grubon and Scho.

Health products

As a private label producer, this business division has its main focus on the market segment sports nutrition, health foods and weight management and on the contract manufacture of health products. This business division pushes itself hard in order to be able to ultimately offer all common formats apart from powders, capsules, tablets, cereal bars and ready-to-drink products for the branded product ranges of its customers. Get more informations...