Vocational training at Uelzena

Part of the team

The vocational training at Uelzena is not merely an education in a modern industrial company applying innovative technology and offering a broad range of products. It is also an education in a company that cares about its employees — from the very first day.

There are many reasons for vocational training at Uelzena or one of its subsidiaries. We are a modern group of enterprises with a large variety of products and state-of-the-art technical equipment. Uelzena has continued to grow over many years and offers its employees security, reliability and fair wages. There are a number of various vocational training opportunities at our four sites in Northern Germany. Everybody will find his or her preferred place: technically and regionally. But the most important reason: Every single one of our employees is important to us.

A good start

From the first day, our apprentices are part of the team. An introductory program and intensive support during the first weeks allows our new colleagues to feel good at their work place. Mentors are also available to help the apprentices if there are any questions or uncertainties.

Ongoing support

Uelzena has more than 40 years of experience in vocational training. We are not only experts in the technical part of things but we also know the hurdles and barriers that may be present on the way. If things are not running smoothly, we provide guidance, support and resources. The Human Resources department as well as the technical divisions will always lend an ear and will offer individual support. The success of our apprentices is very important to us.

Qualified trainers

Our trainers are experts in their field. They have gained their knowledge from scratch. Many of them also work as examiners. This means they are well networked with the vocational school and they know the latest examination requirements. On average, they have more than 10 years of experience in vocational training.

Good opportunities for the future

The vocational training at Uelzena should predominately be an investment in the future. This applies to the apprentices as well as to the company itself. We do not educate young people for an anonymous market: we are looking for future specialists. We treat our apprentices with respect and take care of them right from the beginning. Our success proves we are right. More than 90% of our apprentices stay within the company after their exams.