Dairy products

Butter is our daily bread

Our dairy products division deals with the development, production and marketing of milk-based foods including butter, mixed fat spreads and concentrated butter, either under our own brand or as private label brands for our customers.

At our cheese production plant in Bismark (Altmark), we also produce Gouda-type, Edam-type and butter cheeses exclusively for some established trade partners. These semi-hard block cheeses are ripened in special films.  Freshness and short supply routes are essential to us. Consequently, this business division focuses on the markets in Germany and adjoining neighboring states.

Butter and concentrated butter for the bakery trade

Within the Uelzena Group, the subsidiary Hoche Butter GmbH is responsible for supplying the bakery trade and specialist wholesalers with these products. The company is among the largest suppliers of butter and butter specialties for bakers and pastry cooks on the German market. It is market leader in this respective segments.

The production range includes branded Premium German Butter, butter plates for laminating dough for puff pastry and Danish pastry applications as well as (pure) butter fat and cheese. There are two distribution channels via specialist wholesalers or directly to the processors.

Specialty butter products for food retailers

Uelzena is one of the largest suppliers of concentrated butter on the German market and one of the companies producing for the market leader Butaris. For the German retail trade, we also produce several own brands: concentrated butter as well as Premium German Butter, specialty butters and mixed fat spreads for this growing market segment. 

The private label products we produce on behalf of large retail chains and discounters are available on the refrigerated shelves of the supermarkets as are our own brands Butaris, Hoche Butter, Buti and Buvita. Hoche Butter GmbH is responsible for customers from the retail sector. Most of the products are produced in our butter melting plant in Uelzen and in the butter making facility in Bismark.

Focus on food safety and quality

A high performance ISO 9001 quality management system and a HACCP concept are applied at all production sites to monitor the production of our products. Being a partner to the trade, we are certified according to IFS Higher Level. We also have the approval for kosher productions.