Focus on the employees

The Uelzena Group supports its growing business with a proactive and future-oriented human resources strategy, which is based on a clear awareness of the challenges of tomorrow.

Knowledge, further education, health - The Uelzena Group focuses its sustainable human resources strategy on many fields. The company has strategically initiated this development over recent years and continued to follow this course during 2017.

One example is the continuous expansion of the Group’s human resources development, which is intended to be a long-term process. The first projects have already been implemented. Internet-supported webinars and MS Office training courses (Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint) have been offered across all sites and departments. Furthermore, our employees can also attend legally required training courses by taking advantage of an in-house learning platform. These web-based training sessions deal with topics such as energy management and occupational health and safety. The web-based learning can be combined with study groups, thus promoting exchange amongst the participants. The Group also explores how classroom training can be supplemented and improved by the use of digital media.

The transfer of parts of the advanced education courses to the internet has several advantages. Firstly, considering the individual needs of the employees is made easier because online learning can be integrated flexibly into their schedules. Secondly, webinars are more time-efficient because they save travel time to the training centers. The most important reason, however, is: New ways of learning stimulate curiosity and motivate even more employees to participate.

Regular development dialogues between employees and their supervisors are also part of the staff development approach. In this way, the Uelzena Group, as an employer can systematically recognize individual needs for further education and support. The development dialogues were initially introduced at the Uelzena site and were initiated at the Ratzeburg and Bismark sites during 2017. We have received positive feedback about the dialogues from our employees.

“The focus of the Human Resources department has changed significantly. Today strategic topics such as personnel marketing, innovation, development of employees and the organization have become important tasks.”

Ina Hinrichs, Head of Human Resources, Uelzena

Health and occupational safety

The project on health promotion for employees of the Uelzena Group started at the Uelzen site in 2016 and was continued in 2017. This project is composed of several elements including the “Hansefit” card, which was well received and accepted by many employees. The card provides access to various sports and training centers such as swimming pools, fitness clubs and rehabilitation facilities in Uelzen and throughout Germany. The monthly fee applies to all facilities. The Uelzena Group as an employer covers part of the fee.  Another measure is the ergonomics coaching which was developed in 2016 together with a service provider and which was implemented at the Uelzen site in 2017.

Continuing on from that, the Uelzena Group in 2017 developed a concept for educating their managers on health issues. This concept is aimed at enabling managers to handle this topic with care and sensitivity and to support their staff, for example if someone comes back to the work place after a prolonged period of sick leave.

Sustainability contexts: Why a sustainable employee strategy is important

In 2017 the workforce at the Uelzena Group increased significantly. The company needs specialists and skilled workers for further growth and for replacing employees who leave the company. At the same time the working age population in Germany has been shrinking. Since 2005 the number of people available on the labor market has fallen. Up to 2013 it has decreased by approximately 2 million people. According to calculations by the Federal Institute for Population Research, a further 2 million will be lost by 2030. This demographic change is a challenge for German industries because it intensifies the competition for skilled workers on the labor market.

Another major challenge is the enormous technological upheaval that is taking place at ever-shorter intervals because of digitization and automation. Knowledge is becoming obsolete much faster with new skills being constantly needed resulting in lifelong learning becoming indispensable. The Uelzena Group is ready to face these challenges.

Our management approach: Employees

The action field "employees” comprises the following topics: Employment, occupational safety and health, further education and training as well as the relationship between employers and employees. The way that the Uelzena Group manages these topics, the objectives the Group has and how these will be implemented is of interest predominantly for employees but also for members of Uelzena eG and local politics. See also: Stakeholder Results

The targets of the Uelzena Group in the field of action “employees”:

  • The company is an attractive employer.
  • The company supports the development of committed employees.
  • The employees remain healthy and well-skilled.
  • Qualified employees are offered  long-term perspective in the company.

For the implementation of these targets, the company carries out several measures every year.

Our sustainable human resources strategy – overview on targets and measures

Sustainable HR targets

  • Our aim is to further increase the appeal of Uelzena as an employer for specialized professionals and managers as well as for young people. This is so that we can meet our need for employees at any time.
  • Our aim is to employ all employees - new recruits as well as senior employees – for as long as possible. Therefore, it is important that they are happy, stay healthy and are able to combine their family life with their job. We promote learning at all ages and train our staff according to their needs.
  • Uelzena promotes employees who are willing to perform and supports their further development.

Fair working conditions

  • The Uelzena Group is considered to be a fair employer who offers appropriate wages regionally and within the industry.
  • We offer most of our employees safe and for the most part permanent jobs.

Employer marketing

Intense employer marketing focusing on apprenticeship marketing including a new and modern website, online application tools, internships, an increased presence at job fairs and much more.

Training and further education

  • We clarify interest in and the need for further education within the scope of frequent discussions.
  • Written, precise and reliable training curricula ensure well-structured and transparent training. We accompany and support our apprentices intensely in their professional everyday life as well as during their preparation for tests.


Development of a pilot project at the Uelzen site aimed at raising the awareness of employees and senior managers regarding health issues. For example, we have established jogging and sports groups, hold lectures, invite consulting experts and provide information about topics such as ergonomics, nutrition, exercise, stress and certain diseases.

Reconciliation of family and work life

We support our employees so that they do not have to decide between work and family. For employees with children or other dependent persons, we will endeavor to find individual work time solutions such as part time work, as far as is feasible for our company. The Fami seal which was again awarded to our Uelzen site in 2016 confirms this excellent framework of conditions.

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