Encourage and strengthen

Competent, healthy and satisfied employees are the most important pillar in a company. With sustainable personnel management, the Uelzena Group relies on the specialists of the future and supports its long-standing employees in the company.


For many years, the Uelzena Group has experienced constant growth. Last year, 30 new employees started working for us (total staff: 745), and we hired 16 new apprentices. This means that the total workforce grew by four percent. There are a lot of challenges associated with this. On the one hand, there is competition throughout Germany for well-trained skilled workers and on the other hand, technologies and customer requirements are changing more and more quickly. “Lifelong learning” is no longer an empty phrase.

Our personnel management focuses on three key aspects: Good training, ongoing further education and the long-term loyalty of our employees to the company.

Advanced training campaign

 One key point in our personnel strategy is in-house dual vocational training. As in previous years, the apprentices in the Uelzena Group made up seven percent of the entire workforce in 2018. In order to specifically address young people in the future and to attract them to an apprenticeship, the external appearance of the training campaign was modernized in 2018, including a new trade fair stand and individual new flyers for the Uelzena eG, die Altmark-Käserei and Schoppe & Schultz.

Over the past year, we have been successful with more employees qualifying as vocational training officers. In addition to being the official training supervisors, they are also available for the apprentices as personal contacts for general questions and problems. The benefit for the apprentices: In the case that their training supervisor is not available, they will still get answers quickly and will experience more support and additional contact within the company.

Quality seal for top education

The success of the apprenticeships in terms of recruiting and retaining new employees is reflected in the high take-up rates: Last year, 13 out of 15 apprentices were offered a job immediately after they completed their vocational training. The other two decided to continue their training and education externally.

Especially pleasing: The high training quality at Uelzena eG was officially acknowledged in 2018. After an assessment by independent experts, the IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg awarded the company the "TOP" seal of quality for excellent training. Five areas are decisive for the award of the seals: Apprenticeship marketing, procedures, general conditions and contact persons during the vocational training, as well as the completion of the training.

Apprentices and employees appreciate high-quality training and further education as well as additional offers that make learning and working attractive. That's exactly what we offer.

Ina Hinrichs, Head of Human Resources, Uelzena

Promoting health - supporting talents

For many years we have been actively supporting the health of our employees through various ways. These include ergonomics coaching in the workplace. An external consultant analyzes various workplaces in the company with regard to possible health problems such as malpositions or incorrect ways of motion. The consultant then develops countermeasures and complementary exercises together with the employees. This program has been very well received and will be continued in 2019 as a general health-coaching project. In addition, employees can also seek advice on health issues regarding the workplace other than ergonomics.

The Hansefit card has also been well received. With this card, employees can exercise at various sports facilities in Uelzen and throughout Germany. In 2018, the number of participants rose from 73 to 111 - which is an increase of more than 50 percent. Uelzena eG will continue to promote this offer and enable its employees to exercise at a very competitive monthly fee.

As in previous years, in 2018 the Uelzena Group supported several students from different universities in the preparation of their theses. These types of cooperation are always successful in attracting new qualified employees.


 Sustainability context: Why a sustainable employee strategy is important

The workforce at the Uelzena Group has been constantly growing for many years – again in 2018 by 4 percent. In order to continue to grow in the future, the company needs specialist workers. However, in the future, there will be fewer skilled workers throughout Germany, as the number of people available on the labor market has been declining for the last 15 years. Up until 2013, it has decreased by approximately 2 million people. According to calculations by the Federal Institute for Population Research, a further 2 million will be lost by 2030. This demographic change is a challenge for German industries because it intensifies the competition for skilled workers on the labor market. Added to that, There are fewer people willing to do shift work; flexible working time models are instead in demand. As Uelzena eG is a company where employees are constantly needed to work in shifts, this is an aspect that makes the search for specialists even more difficult.

Another major challenge is the enormous technological upheaval that is taking place at ever-shorter intervals because of digitization and automation. Knowledge is becoming obsolete much faster with new skills being constantly needed resulting in lifelong learning becoming indispensable. The Uelzena Group is ready to face these challenges.

 Our management approach: Employees

The action field, ‘employees’ comprises the following topics: employment, occupational safety and health, further education and training as well as the relationship between employers and employees. The way that the Uelzena Group manages these areas, the objectives the Group has and how these will be implemented is of interest predominantly for employees but also for members of Uelzena eG and local politics. See also: Stakeholder results.


Our sustainable human resources strategy – overview on targets and measures

Targets aimed at employees

  • The appeal of Uelzena as an employer for specialized professionals and managers as well as for young people should be further improved, so that our growing company is able to meet the demand for new employees.
  • All employees - new recruits as well as senior employees – shall be employed at the Uelzena Group for as long a period of time as possible. Therefore, it is important that employees are happy, stay healthy and are able to combine their family life with their job.
  • The Uelzena Group supports dedicated employees and supports their further development.

Working conditions

Qualified employees of the Uelzena Group can be sure that the company offers them a long-term and secure perspective within the company - including a salary that is attractive compared to the compensation paid within the industry and the region.

Employer marketing

The Uelzena Group goes to great lengths to raise the awareness of itself as a company to potential professional employees. The Group is increasingly present at job fairs, offers internships and has a modern website. Applications can be made easily via the online application tool. In addition, the company supports students from various universities in the preparation of their theses and thus gains new highly qualified employees.

Education and training

  • Employees and supervisors jointly discuss the possible requirements for education and training. These dialogues take place on a regular basis.
  • Set-up of modern knowledge management in the company. This includes online webinars for education and training.
  • The long-term pilot project, “Production OC 2025” is aimed at improving the work processes in the production departments at the Uelzen site. The central idea behind this is that the employees shall initiate optimization measures independently.
  • The Uelzena Group trains young people in a structured manner to become skilled workers. Each apprenticeship is based on a reliable training plan defined in writing. Moreover, the trainers provide the trainees with intensive support and assistance – whether in their daily work or in preparation for their examinations.
  • For its training programs, Uelzena eG in 2018 received the "TOP" seal of quality from the IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg for excellent training.

Employees’ health

Since 2016 there has been a central comprehensive health project in place for the employees of Uelzena. It includes various components, such as discounted membership cards for various sports and health facilities as well as comprehensive health coaching.

Reconciliation of family and work life

We support our employees so that they do not have to decide between work and family. For employees with children or other dependent persons, we will endeavor to find individual work time solutions such as part-time work, as far as is feasible for our company.