Achieving more together

Our proactive responsibility reaches far beyond quality assurance as our business relationships are based on long-term partnerships. We do not have to learn these values as they are deeply rooted within Uelzena. The group of companies is organized as a cooperative.

The cooperative members of the Uelzena eG are dairies and dairy farms that are also organized into cooperatives. They are both suppliers as well as equity investors. In 1952, they joined forces so that the raw material milk could be processed and marketed by Uelzena. Since then, one of the tasks of the company is to reliably accept an agreed amount of milk and to always pay a competitive price for the milk. All members and their milk producers benefit directly from our value adding process. This responsibility still guides us through all of our actions.

Other advantages of a cooperative: We know exactly where our raw materials come from and we have personally known all member companies for quite a long time. This relationship has shaped the medium-sized group of companies. Equally, Uelzena has long-time customers, with some of them being with us for a few decades and our employees are also loyal to our company. This reliance on the quality of long-term relationships stems from our agricultural roots.

Service provider for our customers — right from the beginning

When Uelzena started, there was only milk as a raw material and there were no finished products. Since then, the company has utilized this multi-faceted raw material to cater for the needs of its customers. We have the views of our customers in mind and we have seen ourselves as a service provider and partner for our customers over the decades up until today. The only difference over the years is that the Group has also been applying existing and new methods and processes to many other raw materials. In doing so we have developed a high degree of vertical integration. In many production fields, our customers get the entire value added process from just one company.

Culture of ongoing development

Due to the nature of the Uelzena Group, we rarely have to deal with fluctuations, switching of suppliers and customer changes. The company uses this energy to constantly improve quality, processes and technology. This culture of ongoing development triggers a high performance rate. We are always striving to become the best and not the largest. One specialty supports us in all of this: The members of the Uelzena eG are just eight dairies and dairy farms which are cooperatives themselves. This is the basis for quick decision making.

The type of organization within the company opens niches and new routes. In some market segments in Germany and throughout Europe, the medium-sized group is one of the leading suppliers. International customers value the personal contact and the above-standard quality.