Quality management

Highest standards

We do more than just fulfilling legal regulations and the expectations of our customers. We also want to meet our own exacting requirements on the quality of our products.  Therefore, the quality management department is involved in all processes in the company — from the procurement of raw materials to the dispatch of final products.

The quality management department in Uelzen lays the foundations for the quality assurance and quality control at all sites of the Group. The employees check the specifications for raw materials and finished products as well as the customer specifications and they release the products. They develop and review test methods, define test procedures and monitor their documentation. Added to that they accompany customer and supplier audits and make sure that the certification requirements are being met. With their work they guarantee the uniformity and high quality of products and processes.

Broad knowledge — multi-faceted tasks

The Uelzena Group produces approximately 1,000 different products including milk powder, butterfat, butter and cheese, evaporated milk and dressings as well as instant beverages and health products. The range is regularly supplemented by new products and product variations. This diversity is a new daily challenge for the employees in the quality management department. To keep their knowledge up to date, we offer frequent further education courses.

Part of the team

The quality management department at Uelzena is linked to all relevant interfaces in the company. Our employees cooperate closely not only with the product development, production and distribution departments but also with suppliers and customers. In this way they are able to recognize deviations as early as possible and to initiate quality assurance measures.

Diversity and responsibility but also creativity and an overall view on all processes in the company - this is what working in the quality management department is all about. There is one exception: there is no daily routine.