Quality control with the latest methods

At all sites of the Uelzena Group dairy lab assistants analyze the quality of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. They ensure the highest possible quality and safety for the consumer.

There is probably not another field that has such high responsibilities as the production of food. It must be guaranteed at all points of the production process that the customer and final consumer will get a safe and high quality product. Our laboratories make sure that these requirements are met. They check that the customer’s specifications and our own targets are complied with at any given time and they immediately report any deviations.

Many products, elaborate processes

Work in the laboratories of the Uelzena Group is characterized by two aspects; a large variety of products and correspondingly a large number of different analysis methods. Our employees analyze about 800 different raw materials and about 1,000 different products. More are added year after year. For the analyses, the latest methods are used including DNA assays and laser-based particle size determination. It is worth noting that these particular methods are only applied by a few food producers. Sensory evaluations also play an important role at Uelzena.

Further developments create future prospects

With our broad product range and our high quality standards, we offer our lab assistants a demanding work place. We also frequently introduce new methods and keep our colleagues’ knowhow up to date with further education measures. This makes the daily business multi-faceted while offering exciting prospects for the future.