Other departments

Various opportunities

Apart from the large departments such as production, technology, laboratory and others, there are also more diversified departments at Uelzena.

These departments belong to the central corporate tasks and are organized on a comparatively leaner scale. Predominately, the employees of the central divisions work at the main site in Uelzen, located approximately 85 kilometers North-East of Hanover. You can read here in brief about what is involved with these different areas at Uelzena..

Central departments in the Uelzena Group

Monitoring and information on the corporate strategy

The Controlling department collects and evaluates the significant business data of the Uelzena eG and its subsidiaries. It monitors the efficiency of all sectors within the companies and provides valuable information for the further development of the corporate strategy. Working in this department entails knowing all facets of the company — from the raw materials to the production and dispatch. The employees can initiate their own processes and get involved proactively in the further development of their department. It is a “young” department within the company with an average age of below 40. For the company it is important to set up initiatives for the development of the staff. Therefore, the company supports their further education efforts in the best possible ways.

Bookkeeping, financial statements, results reporting

The Finances & Accounting department is responsible for bookkeeping, preparing financial statements and reporting on the current results for the entire Group. The department takes care of corporate matters relating to all the individual companies within the Group regarding debtors, creditors and the general ledger as well as capital assets and insurance business. Each employee can focus on his or her strengths and work in their respective areas. Independence and personal responsibility are the basic requirements for working in this department. In return, the employees enjoy a lot of flexibility in organizing their work. It is this freedom that motivates. Despite the fact that all the employees are highly specialized, the staff in this department see themselves as a team. For example, they have frequent staff meetings to discuss current challenges and to develop mutual solutions.

Organization, plannung, development

The Human Resources department organizes the most important resource for the success of the company: the employees. The department is responsible for personnel planning, recruitment, personnel development and personnel management for the entire Group. The scope of activities embraces all organizational aspects  from payroll to the management of further education initiatives and labor issues. Parallel to this, the department develops and implements strategies for the long-term development of the personnel sector.  Employer marketing is another task. The employees in the Human Resources department of the Uelzena Group work in all fields, however, they also have the opportunity of specializing and undertaking further education courses based on their individual interests and strengths. All of this ensures a demanding but diversified work place. 

Responsible for computer systems

The IT & Organization department is responsible for all computer systems, servers and networks at the Uelzena Group. The department supports and advises the colleagues in application issues and oversees the further development and adjustment of central IT systems. From the Uelzen site, the IT & organization staff members look after 350 work places and 250 SAP users at all sites.  Together with the technical departments, they develop new software solutions and adapt these with the flow of work in the respective departments. About half of the working hours are spent on the optimization and further development of programs and systems. Here, the employees are asked to input their own ideas and concepts. It is a young team working with modern IT systems. The employees are constantly facing new challenges. The company supports them by proactively offering further education opportunities.

Strategic communication tasks

The marketing department is concerned with all strategic communication tasks of the Group, from the subordinate corporate communication to the marketing tasks for the individual divisions and the traditional public relations work. The employees prepare fairs and congresses, design presentations for the sales department and are in constant dialogue with the customers. They monitor market trends and use this knowledge as a basis for the development of new product concepts. Through its targeted communication with all partners, the marketing department ensures the ongoing and growing success of products and services provided by the Uelzena Group. 

Responsible for milk availablility at the sites

The milk management department plans the supply of milk ingredients to all the production sites of the Group. The staff members procure the milk raw materials from dairies in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Sachsen-Anhalt. Each day more than 1,600 tons of materials are handled. This department is responsible for all stages within the supply chain, from procurement and logistics to sales and invoicing. The milk management department reports directly to the CEO.

Monitoring national and international raw materials markets

The procurement department supplies the company with materials and services. Quality assurance aspects, quantities and cost effectiveness also play important roles in this department as well as sustainability. The employees monitor the national and international raw materials markets and make sure that the company is supplied with high quality raw materials at the best possible prices for the foreseeable future. They design and control connections with suppliers and provide input about the further optimization of the procurement processes.

The procurement department also assumes operational and strategic tasks while implementing its own projects and collaborating in internal corporate projects. In cooperation with the product development, production, quality assurance and sales departments, the procurement department makes sure that customer demands and the objectives of the business divisions are incorporated into the procurement strategy of the company. Working in this field requires business management training or completion of an economics study as well as high social and technical competence.