Hoche Butter

Hoche Butter is one of the leading brands for butter specialties for bakeries and pastry shops. It has an excellent reputation in the industry.

The branded range is distributed to the respective wholesalers and specialist trade partners by the Hoche Butter GmbH. The products are made within the Uelzena Group at the Uelzen and Bismark sites.

This branded range focuses on various laminating butter plates for the production of croissants, Danish pastries and puff pastry. In this product segment, Hoche Butter is regarded as a highly experienced expert.

The product range for industrial users is supplemented by “Deutsche Markenbutter”, available as 2.5 kilogram stick or 10 kilogram block and by so-called baker’s butter with added carotene or vanillin.  

“Deutsche Markenbutter” is also supplied as single-serve packs or butter packs to the food retail trade and convenience food services under the brand of Hoche Butter.