“Designing the future together”

Online sustainability report 2020

Uelzena Group publishes its online sustainability report 2020. The new report focuses on greenhouse gas emissions along the value-added chain, the impact of the Corona pandemic on the working and business world, and sustainable milk production.

Uelzen, July 2021 – The Uelzena Group has published its sixth sustainability report with the title “Designing the future together”. Progress, measures and key successes were also reported in the 2020 business year within the five action fields of company, products, production, employees, and social and regional responsibility. Data and facts collected in accordance with the international GRI standard underpin the reporting.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

The Uelzena Group is continually working on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in production. To reduce emissions all the way along the value-added chain, it is essential to focus on the upstream processes – specifically milk production. A pilot project was initiated with the aim of decreasing avoidable emissions in this area. It tackles the carbon footprint of the milk and demonstrates options for the dairy farmers to reduce their own emissions.

Focus on togetherness

The spread of the coronavirus turned the working and business world upside down. Lockdown measures and their economic impact also affected employees of the Uelzena Group in a variety of ways. Positive effects included a stronger team spirit and the expansion of digital possibilities, while negative effects were caused by the many necessary process adjustments. Ensuring the health and safety of the employees whilst also sustaining the business processes as a milk-processing company was a major challenge that Uelzena was able to handle successfully.

Sustainable milk production

Incorporating sustainability aspects with regard to the primary ingredient of milk holds an especially high priority for Uelzena as a milk-processing company. In 2020, the volume of raw milk supplied rose by further seven percent. 76 percent of this milk is VLOG certified. Which means that no genetically modified crops are used in the cattle feed. In order to investigate sustainability aspects at the level of milk production, Uelzena participates in the QM sustainability module milk. A second round of the survey commenced in the reporting year with the aim of joint further development based on the obtained findings.

Transparent sustainability communication

Sustainability reporting offers all stakeholders transparent and reliable information on the company’s economic, ecological and social activities, and creates a framework for joint dialogue. The exclusively online report is published annually and is based on international GRI standards (Global Reporting Initiative) according to the “core” option. The 2020 GRI index and key figures are available to download as a PDF.

Further information on the online 2020 sustainability report: www.uelzena.de/en/sustainability


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About the Uelzena Group

Uelzena eG with its headquarters in Uelzen, Lower Saxony, and its four subsidiaries with production sites in Germany, is one of the leading providers and innovative problem solvers in the food processing and milk refining business. The Uelzena Group is active in the following business fields:

  • Ingredients for the food industry (milk powder, milk fat, condensed milk products, delicatessen foods, speciality ingredients) and contract manufacture (processing of customer raw materials)
  • Instant beverages (instant cocoa and coffee beverages, toppings, coffee creamers)
  • Health products (products for weight management and sports nutrition as well as the contract manufacture of customer formulations)
  • Other dairy products (butter, butterfat, cheese)

The company focuses on doing business with international customers from the industry. For years the Uelzena Group has been supplying many international manufacturers of well-known brands. In Germany, the group is the leading supplier of concentrated butter to food retailers and of butter and butterfat to the bakery trade.