Spray system for Tower 12 successfully installed

Milestone achieved in the spray-drying plant construction project

Uelzen, 05.10.2021 - The Uelzena Group is investing in the construction of a new spray-drying plant in Uelzen to manufacture spray-dried components for baby food. Building work began in autumn 2020. The plant is scheduled to be completed with the first test production runs commissioned in mid 2022.

Traditional topping-out ceremony held

At the start of September, a small ceremony was held to celebrate the topping out of the tower building. The Executive Board and management thanked all the tradespeople who have worked hard to progress this building work. Special thanks went to those involved in the concrete construction work. The celebrations were limited to a few representatives of the Uelzena Group, external companies and their tradespeople.

Successful hoisting in of the new Spray Tower 12

Just one week later, on schedule and, even better, in dry weather, the centrepiece of the Uelzena Group's new spray-drying plant could be installed. The 15 m tall spray system for the new plant required a special heavy-duty crane to install it in the central section of the new building, which is more than 30 metres tall. Further components such as the corresponding cyclone, filter system and external fluidised bed were also lifted into the shell construction.

Next phase of construction has begun

Building a connecting bridge between the old plant and the new building complex is the next important phase of construction to securely set up the media supply lines for steam, water and electricity. The civil engineering works are complete and the subsequent work on the area around the outside of the building is starting. This also includes connection to the modern high-bay warehouse, which will serve the new spray-drying plant in a closed goods cycle.


Milestone achieved

Spray system for Tower 12 installed

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