Uelzena eG holds 40% shares in the rebranded MTS GmbH

Milchtrocknung Südhannover acquires Biolac GmbH

Uelzen, 16.11.2021 - After many years of successful cooperation, the Biolac joint venture of the two partners Milchtrocknung Südhannover, MTS for short, and Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI) has ended. Arla has given the reason for this move as a change in the strategic direction of the company. MTS has acquired the 50% shares of Biolac GmbH & Co. KG from AFI and is now the sole owner of Biolac. The authorities issued the anticipated approval for this at the start of November 2021.

Milchtrocknung Südhannover eG becomes GmbH

In the course of restructuring, MTS has changed into a GmbH (limited liability company) with new shareholders Uelzena, Fude & Serrahn and Breitenburger Milchzentrale. For strategic reasons, DMK, formerly invested in MTS as a fourth partner, has left the cooperative. Frank Wieland, former managing director of MTS eG and Biolac GmbH, will also manage the business of the newly founded GmbH.

Uelzena eG secures whey processing

Biolac GmbH & Co. KG processes about a million tonnes of whey as its sole raw ingredient into whey powder annually. “We are looking forward to further developing Biolac’s business together with our partners,” says Jörn Dwehus, Chairman of the Board of Uelzena eG. “At the Harbarnsen plant we have a highly competent and experienced employee base, which has the full confidence of the shareholders.”  Uelzena uses this strategic opportunity to secure the long-term processing of its own whey volumes, which are used in innovative products for the national and international market.



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