Warehouse specialist / warehouse logistics specialist

Right things in the right place

On their way from the producer to the final consumer, raw materials and products have to be stored intermediately. Proper planning and organization is required so that the right things are in the right places at the right time. This is the task of warehouse specialists.

Working in a modern storage area comprises many tasks. Received goods have to be checked and stored properly. They must be combined as needed in the production or by the customer and finally the goods have to be properly packed and dispatched. All these steps often have to take place just at the right time. A certain level of mathematical understanding and a good sense of tidiness are needed for this job.

Good organizational skills required

With the supply chains getting more and more complex, warehouse specialists have to work to high standards. Quality assurance, environmental protection and information technology are part of the apprenticeship training as are language and communication skills. This is because warehouse specialists are not only responsible for the proper flow of goods but also for the flow of information. Often they are the interface between the different departments in the company, between internal and external storage facilities and between the company and the customer. Therefore they must be able to work well in a team.

Responsibility for goods and values

Extending the vocational training by one year will allow the apprentice to obtain the higher degree of a warehouse logistics specialist. For this job the focus is on commercial and economical topics since organizing a storage facility in an efficient and cost-effective way is also part of the daily work.

A warehouse logistics specialist has a lot of responsibilities for the products, the environment and last but not least for the entire company. Only a properly organized storage facility can ensure that the quality and the value of the stored products are not impaired.


What are the requirements?

Secondary school qualification. Suitable applicants are selected after the conclusion of personal interviews.

What do we expect?

  • understanding of technical processes
  • distinct sense of tidiness
  • interest in practical work
  • commitment and ability to work in a team
  • reliability

Vocational training overview

The vocational training takes place within the scope of a dual system; this means in the company and the vocational school. The practical training takes place in the individual storage areas.

Depending on the year of the apprenticeship, the vocational school has to be attended once or twice a week.

How long does the vocational training take?

  • warehouse specialist: 2 years
  • warehouse logistics specialist: 3 years

The following two exams are required by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce:

  • midterm exam (theory and practice) at the end of the first year of the vocational training
  • final exam (theory and practice) at the end of the vocational training period

Where is my vocational school?

Vocational school address:

Berufsbildende Schulen I
Wilhelm-Seedorf-Stra├če 5
29525 Uelzen

What opportunities are available for training and further education?

Warehouse specialists/warehouse logistics specialists can work in the trade or the industry. The spectrum reaches from the ordering of goods to the receiving of goods and their storage until dispatch.

Under defined circumstances, warehouse specialists may extend their training by one year and take the exams for becoming a warehouse logistics specialist. After that a further qualification as a master craftsman or a business administrator is possible.