IT application specialist

The programmers

IT application specialists further develop software based on the company’s needs and adapt it to the respective work places.  

Modern industrial enterprises such as Uelzena are undergoing constant changes. New tasks, procedures and production processes require that the software is constantly further developed. This is the area of work for IT application specialists. They update existing programs and develop new solutions if needed. They make sure that all departments can work to their optimum.

Always searching for the perfect solution

IT application specialists at Uelzena are the experts for programming the SAP system. They know various programming languages and each day they are confronted with the challenge of finding the appropriate solutions for all users. Since most of the developments are made in close cooperation with the other departments, IT specialists must have good communication skills and be able to work in a team.   

Never routine, but good prospects

Uelzena offers a diversified and challenging work place for IT application specialists. We take care of all departments in the company and at all sites and we place great value in the further development of our SAP systems. IT application specialists can introduce their own ideas and in the long term can specialize in specific areas.


What are the requirements?

Advanced technical college certificate or high school graduation (Abitur) with good grades in natural sciences (maths, physics) and some programming experience. Suitable applicants are selected after the conclusion of personal interviews and a recruitment test.

What do we expect?

  • good grades in natural sciences
  • technical interest and understanding
  • good knowledge of software and hardware
  • good knowledge of the English language
  • ability to work in a team
  • communication skills

Vocational training overview

The vocational training takes place within the scope of a dual system; this means in the company and the vocational school. Depending on the year of apprenticeship, the vocational school has to be attended once or twice a week

How long does the vocational training take?

3 years

The following two exams are required by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce:

  • midterm exam in the second year of the vocational training
  • final exam (theory and practice) at the end of the vocational training period

Where is my vocational school?

Vocational school address:

Berufsbildende Schulen I
Spillbrunnenweg 1
21337 Lüneburg

What opportunities are available for training and further education?

IT specialists have excellent employment opportunities; however, they need to constantly gain further qualifications in order to keep up-to-date with the latest state-of-the-art information. Further qualification takes place through seminars within the company or through external studies. In the company, there is also the possibility of specializing in certain topics and fields.

Furthermore, several further education opportunities are available to IT specialists, for example:  

  • IT specialist in various fields (TGA)
  • Certified IT developer, IT project manager, IT adviser or IT economist (IHK)
  • Certified computer science expert or certified business computer science expert (IHK)
  • Business administrator for data processing
  • Bachelor or Master studies of computer sciences (depending on the respective university entrance certificate)