Industrial management assistant

One profession — many opportunities

Uelzena offers excellent conditions for anyone interested in a commercial apprenticeship. From procurement to marketing and controlling — we provide insights into many different occupational fields.

During the vocational training, the apprentices will work in eight different departments at Uelzena: finance and accounting, controlling, marketing, sales and distribution, human resources, procurement, logistics and product planning. A variety of different tasks will be assigned. The apprentices will negotiate with customers and suppliers, prepare offers and initiate orders, plan marketing actions and staff deployment and work in the accounting department.

This huge range of different activities offers a great overview on various areas of practice. The apprentices learn about their interests and strengths and can decide in the third year of their apprenticeship on their personal area of specialization.

Be proactive — right from the beginning

At Uelzena it is important to us that our apprentices are actively participating in our work and that we assign them their own tasks.  They will work on specific topics and can contribute their ideas. Therefore, we need apprentices who are forward thinkers. The vocational training for industrial management assistants at Uelzena requires committed people who are curious and able to work independently.


What are the requirements?

Secondary school qualification or high school graduation (Abitur). Suitable applicants are selected after the conclusion of personal interviews. In preparation for the interviews, we first conduct a recruitment test that focuses on general knowledge as well as linguistic and mathematical understanding.

What do we expect?

  • commitment
  • conceptual thinking
  • independent work
  • communication skills
  • accuracy
  • ability to work in a team

Vocational training overview

The vocational training takes place within the scope of a dual system; this means in the company and the vocational school. The practical training takes place in different administrative departments. Depending on the year of apprenticeship, the vocational school has to be attended once or twice a week.

How long does the vocational training take?

3 years

The following two exams are required by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce:

  • midterm exam (theory) in the second year of the vocational training
  • final exam (theory and practice) at the end of the vocational training period

Where is my vocational school?

Vocational school address:

Berufsbildende Schulen I
Wilhelm-Seedorf-Straße 5
29525 Uelzen

What opportunities are available for training and further education?

After their exams, industrial management assistants can work in any administrative field – this is independent of the type of industry. They can also further qualify to become a business administrator or business economist - depending on the area of responsibility in the company and personal interests.