Sales and distribution

Bringing company and customers together

A career in sales and distribution requires a lot: single-mindedness and sales talent, openness and personal initiative, as well as really enjoying working with people and enthusiasm for the products. At Uelzena, there is another important aspect: responsibility — for one’s own success and for the success of the customer.

The Uelzena Group is a group of companies that has seen continuous growth over the last few years. Parallel to this growth is the increase in personnel within the Sales department. Now, approximately 60 employees are actively acquiring new clients and projects and looking after our existing customers worldwide. In our daily work one thing is very important to us: stability. It is not just our internal teams that work together permanently; we are also cultivating long-term external partnerships.  Our employees often look after their customers for many years.

Initial requests turn into long-term business relationships

Agreeing new contracts with new customers is not the only responsibility of our sales department. The food market is characterized by many new trends and there are many large companies among our customers. This means that our employees can also implement their own ideas. Every year, we develop about 150 new tailor-made products for our customers. Furthermore, there is the challenge of placing products on the international markets; 43% of our products are now exported.

Freedom for decision-making and further development

There is a lot of flexibility for the employees within the Uelzena Group. They are responsible for organizing their own projects to a large degree, they coordinate customers’ requests with the company and they also agree on prices. Flat hierarchies provide for a great deal of personal responsibility. Parallel to that we also support our colleagues in their further education and offer individual support ranging from a language course to a variety of studies. We are not just interested in long-term customer relations; we also want to offer our employees long-term prospects.