Product development

Searching for the perfect solution

At the beginning there is the idea:  a customer request or a suggestion from inside the company. The implementation of the idea and bringing it to the production process is the task of the product development department.  

Sound technical knowledge, ingenuity, endurance and sometimes a little sense of Sherlock Holmes - this is what the product developers at Uelzena need. They design new products according to the customer’s ideas, they optimize existing products and they support the sales and production departments as well as the customers with their technical expertise. They accompany new products from the first trials to the large-scale production. And of course, they also develop their own ideas.

Well-integrated right from the beginning

New employees in this department start with a period of adjustment in various other departments in order to familiarize themselves with the process flows in the company and the broad product range. They get acquainted with processes and the colleagues in procurement, marketing, sales, quality assurance and production. Our product developers handle their own projects and not just in the lab or technical center. They also test and optimize the products on the production lines and are in close contact with the customer and other corporate departments.

Always up to date

Product development is continually facing new requirements. Raw materials, trends, customer requests and legal regulations are changing constantly. At Uelzena product developers and food legislation specialists work together in one department. They can provide legal advice for our customers and ensure that the developed products comply with the latest food regulations.

Further training is an important subject for us. Our employees can participate several times a year in conferences, workshops and further education seminars and thus expand their personal and technical expertise. At innovation meetings with research institutes, suppliers and equipment manufacturers, our employees can also introduce their own concepts for new products. This provides a crucial lead for Uelzena and its customers.