Internship for pupils

Join in and try

Frequently, we offer pupils the chance of gaining work experience first. Pupils can watch the experts, follow the processes and take action themselves: in our company, interns are allowed to do more than just make the coffee — we promise.

How to store products properly. What is analyzed in a food lab? How is milk turned into butter, cheese or milk powder? In an internship at Uelzena you can get acquainted with many different professions and their related tasks. You will follow production processes and help wherever possible. This is because we want our school interns to gain as much practical experience as possible. And who knows? Maybe you will end up finding the job of your dreams.

Apply early

If you want to do an internship at Uelzena or at one of its subsidiaries, send us your request by email. Add a short curriculum vitae and some information on the internship you wish to do. Let us know which profession you are interested in and when you want to start the internship.

Please send us your application as early as possible because many internship places are really popular and will be assigned fairly quickly.

Voluntary short internships are also possible

If you do not want to do a school internship but would rather just simply get a taste of what it’s like to work with us — just contact us. Depending on our internal organization, we will try to offer you a short internship during your holiday. No matter whether it’s for two days or two weeks — pupils with personal initiative are always welcome at Uelzena.