Safe products

Quality assurance at its best

The Uelzena Group offers its customers a consistently high product quality. This is made possible by systematic monitoring of the entire production chain from the sourcing of raw materials to the end product.

Risk-based quality control plans with defined sampling schedules are in place for all raw materials, intermediate and finished products. These plans ensure that the defined microbiological, chemical-physical and sensory product properties as well as Uelzena’s quality parameters are complied with.

Quality assurance — always at the highest level

Our experts also routinely analyze all raw materials for additional parameters. All raw materials such as untreated milk are tested for chemical residues including pesticides, rodenticides, herbicides and heavy metals based on the applicable national and European regulations using the quality and test methods agreed upon with the customer.  

Our laboratories are well equipped for fulfilling these tasks. The chemical-physical laboratory standard is high end and comprises complicated analysis processes such as gas chromatography as well as specific tests on particle structures. The pathogens laboratory (S2 standard) and the bacteriological laboratory have been certified according to ISO 17025; they comply with the requirements for respectively accredited facilities.


Focusing on allergens: internal and external audits

In internal and external audits, a focus is placed amongst others on allergens. As an international producer we pay a lot of attention so that all of our products comply with relevant German and European food legislation. The basis for this is Regulation (EC) 1169/2011 in its most relevant version. We supplement this regulation with measures based on supplier and producer information.

We have a HACCP system in place which supports us in preventing unintentional cross-contamination with allergens. We take the typical attributes of each raw material into consideration and adjust the HACCP scheme to raw material or process changes. Prior to any product changeover, we check and document the effectiveness of the cleaning measures. The effectiveness of our allergen management is confirmed in regular allergen validations. Uelzena also applies the principle of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), the guideline for quality assurance in food production.

Computer-aided maintenance management

The production of high quality products requires properly operating equipment. Our computer-based maintenance management system ensures frequent and, if necessary, preventative maintenance work. In general, all lubrication points are outside of the product contact areas; we only use food-grade lubricants. All other technical auxiliaries with food contact used throughout the plant are also food-grade. This has been documented in the respective certificates and product safety sheets. The compressed air we use is free from oils. Our staff has had frequent training on these subjects.

No foreign matters are allowed in our products

Uelzena meets this requirement with a variety of measures. For example, in the entire production area from the goods receiving section to dispatch, we have installed shatter-proof lamps, the production lines are housed in and the use of wooden utensils and glass containers and the wearing of watches and jewelry is not allowed. Moreover, sieves, metal detectors and magnet separators offer additional protection against contamination with foreign matter.

Our concept of hygiene zones

We have implemented a hygiene zone concept that is based on risk analysis. This includes the division of sections and areas into low risk and high risk zones and is also reflected in cleaning plans and requirements that must be followed when entering the areas.

Specific rules apply for all production areas as well as for the introduction and removal of materials and tools. This is supplemented by hygiene and handling instructions. They minimize the risk inherent to staff and external personnel. We also have rules on work clothing including headgear and beard snoods. Of course, our employees are frequently trained according to the Infection Control Act and in terms of personal and plant hygiene.

Frequent and targeted pest control

In order to prevent the presence of pests including insects and rodents in the production and storage areas, an independent and certified company conducts targeted pest control measures on a regular basis. This includes the installation of gauze windows, pheromone traps, UV light traps and rodent traps. We do not use poison baits.

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