Health products

The health food specialist: nutrineo

Increasing health awareness is leading to an increased demand for sports nutrition, health foods weight management products. Togehter with the BHI Biohealth International GmbH we founded a joint venture for health food solutions. The BHI nutrineo GmbH is a one-stop shop for all services.

nutrineo has decades of experience in health products. As a private label manufacturer, we develop and produce powders, capsules, tablets, cereal bars and ready-to-drink products for the food industry and food retailers, for European pharmacy wholesalers and for producers of sports products.

Innovative, flexible and service-focused

In the fields of weight management, health foods and sports nutrition, our services comprise the entire added-value chain from the development of a product idea to market research, implementation, production and logistics. A broad range of partners from science, market analysis, packaging design, logistics and other fields supplement the in-house expertise of the nutrineo team. We also compile supplemental trend and market analyses and offer regulatory and strategic advice. Our service range is flexible; customers may use the entire range or only parts of the services offered. We offer tailor-made solutions for all areas. Alternatively, we also work as a contract processing partner who strictly follows our customers’ specifications and recipes.

Experts with expertise

nutrineo has been benefitting from food production experience. Our production takes place in state-of-the-art spraying towers, mixing and filling plants. We also cater for the requirements for fair trade, ecological processing, organic and dietary specifications.