Brand relaunch Schoppe Instant Beverages

The new brand for instant beverages from the Uelzena Group

  • Private label business for instant beverages is now under one umbrella brand 
  • H. Schoppe & Schultz GmbH & Co. KG provided the name
  • Launch in January 2018 under

Uelzen/Ratzeburg, 18.01.2018 – The Uelzena Group is one of the largest private label producers of instant beverages in Europe. In order to improve communications with its customers the medium-sized enterprise has consolidated its marketing activities and sharpened its corporate image. The suppliers H. Schoppe & Schultz GmbH & Co. KG and Uelzena eG are now operating as Schoppe Instant Beverages, which will be the new brand for instant beverages from the Group. 

Tradition meets modern

With the motto 'Individual care - perfect fit for your brand', Schoppe Instant Beverages is positioning itself as the medium-sized producer with a long-standing tradition. For decades, both companies have been offering individual solutions for instant beverages along with the respective services covering the entire supply chain, which range from the development of recipes to the procurement of raw materials and packagings to storage. "We would like to be immediately recognizable under the joint brand as the producer of private label instant beverages," explains Hans-Detlef Wieben, General Manager at Schoppe & Schultz. 

The new name ties in perfectly with the abbreviated name 'Schoppe' from Schoppe & Schultz while at the same time identifying the business division, namely 'Instant Beverages'. The new corporate design with its warm colors and the world of powders reflects the new external look.

"We are presenting a brand that addresses both brand manufacturers and professionals from the hot beverage sector," says Uwe Radke, Managing Director Marketing and Sales at Uelzena eG. 

The greatest asset for Schoppe as a private label manufacturer has always been its discretion. "We are very proud of the long-standing trust that our loyal customers have in us and our instant beverages. We are considered a reliable partner that contributes to the success of our customers through expertise, innovative ideas and a comprehensive service portfolio," explains Hans-Detlef Wieben. 

Full service from Schoppe Instant Beverages

From chocolate drinks to toppings and coffee creamers to innovative chai or matcha tea - Schoppe Instant Beverages offers its customers a complete range of instant beverage products for hot beverage vending machines, capsule systems or preparation by hand. Schoppe Instant Beverages is the expert when it comes to the development of customized solutions and concepts. It offers its partners all services along the entire supply chain and individual, cooperative support. The service portfolio is completed by a large selection of packaging options.

Naturally, Schoppe complies with all the important European standards including ISO, IFS and BRC and regularly successfully completes demanding customer audits. Upon request, customers are advised and supported in the implementation of organic, Fairtrade or UTZ products. Schoppe is a master of the art in finding the right combination of raw material components and refining them in specialist production processes to yield the perfect product as requested. This flexible medium-sized enterprise with its strengths in implementation is a reliable partner and works on a highly professional level.

The new website provides a comprehensive overview of the products and services offered by Schoppe Instant Beverages.

Clearly defined core business

Another outcome of the consolidation: Uelzena eG will no longer be promoting instant beverages but rather focusing on its actual core business as a dairy. The profile of the Uelzena Group as well as its strategic marketing will be aligned in a needs-oriented fashion.

 "In the field of instant beverages, we act as a medium-sized enterprise with high flexibility and individuality. This is what the name Schoppe will stand for from now on. In the field of milk ingredients, customers expect a certain company size; Uelzena eG can meet these expectations," says Uwe Radke.


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