Welcome to the Uelzena group

To us, our employees are the motor of our success

This is special at the Uelzena Group: The work has many facets; every day brings something new, other products, other challenges. We also offer safe jobs and job perspectives. We support our employees in their development.

Uelzena is a growing enterprise which is slowly but surely approaching the 700 employees mark. Our Group comprises four modern production sites; we are highly specialized and our global customers are demanding. The Uelzena Group is playing in the Premier League of the food production industry. This versatility offers our employees interesting development perspectives and ensures diversified work.

However, we are not a large corporation. This is apparent when you work with us. Most of our employees at the various sites know each other personally; the supervisors are always open to suggestions and know the circumstances of their co-workers. The Uelzena Group combines the best of two worlds: The opportunities of a large corporation and the personal environment of a family-owned company.

Support and challenges

We offer a lot to our employees. The Uelzena Group creates safe and long-term jobs; in general we pay standard wages or compensation according to the current collective agreement. Added to that there are social benefits that vary depending on the site and the area of work. We also invest in our employees; we support their further education and qualification efforts. This is because they are the motor for our success.

We expect that our employees resume responsibility, perform at their best and work independently. There are no lone fighters among the staff. Our products are always the result of good teamwork. To us, a good and respectful working environment is important. Our employees should feel at home in the Uelzena Group for a long time.